And the criticism continues …

Vic Mensa: Justin Timberlake Only Uses Black Culture When It Benefits Him

Vic wants to see some action from JT.

Justin Timberlake was hit with major flack after folks misconstrued his intentions when he sent support to the black community after Jesse Williams’ powerful speech at the 2016 BET Awards.

Unfortunately for the pop titan, that criticism is still coming in strong from hip-hop heavy hitters, including Vic Mensa.

During a recent Larry Willmore-hosted round table discussion, the Chi-town rapper sounded off on why Black Twitter came for dat ***. “Our problem here is that Justin Timberlake himself–you know–is definitely benefiting from using black culture for his sound, his dance moves, his dancers, and blowing up off of it,” he explained. “But if you roll down Justin Timberlake’s Twitter for the past two years, which I just did, you see nothing that supports black people when it’s more difficult, when there’s a struggle.”

In Justin’s defense, there really hasn’t been that much non-sponsored BS/promotional content on the singer’s timeline over the last couple, but the rapper makes a point. There’s a whole lot more advocacy that can be done outside of the social media realm, especially considering his power and close affiliation with the community.

“That’s a dangerous subject for him to touch,” Vic said. “We’re not feeling him being down when it’s beneficial to him, and turning a blind eye when it could be dangerous. . . .Sit down until you show us you care. Don’t tell us **** unless you show us you care.”

And let’s face it: Janet Jackson knows a lot about that blind eye.


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