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Vibez: Troye Sivan’s New Song “Bloom” Takes Love To New Heights

Troye Sivan’s new song “Bloom” will put you in a mood.


Troye Sivan’s new song “Bloom” will put you in a mood.

I hope you’re falling in love right now, because Troye’s My My My! followup will soundtrack that experience quite nicely. It’s called “Bloom,” a trancey, gooey love song about the flight into romance.


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“Take a trip into my garden,” Troye sings over production crafted by Oscar Holter. He co-wrote the track with Holter, Brett McLaughlin and Peter Svensson. “I’ve got so much to show ya / The fountains and the waters are begging just to know ya.”

There’s also a lyric video for the track. It’s Troye transformed as a glossy sim floating into space. It’s magical.




Check it out below:


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