Vegas Residency Deal In Final Stages

July 2, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Vegas Residency In Final Stages

Britney’s kept it cool amidst the ups and downs during negotiations over her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, but the insurance bonding, legal paperwork and financial budgeting is said to be finalized in the next 10 days, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

“The deal with Britney and her representatives is all set, but the delays have been with all the legal and accounting people we have to work with on our end,” said a Caesars exec. “Britney and her people have been wonderful to work with. She’s been very patient, and now she’s ready and raring to go.”

Another top exec confirmed: “We honestly hope now to see her two-year residency run start in the week leading up to New Year’s, but if the refurbishing of the theater slips behind schedule and its budgeted numbers, which is out of our control, it will still definitely start early in the first quarter of next year.”

One reason for delays was New York’s Base Entertainment had a multi-year lease at the venue Britney will perform in, that is until Caesar’s Entertainment bought it back for the Queen.

“Lawyer negotiations on that buyout ran longer than expected. Then budget planning for the refurbishing and Britney’s show tech needs also ran longer than anticipated. It takes a year to put together a show like this with concept creation, cast and crew hirings, rehearsals, and then all the upgraded audio, video and lighting requirements we need to install.”

Despite the ins and outs of the deal, Britney’s kept in shape in preparation for the rigorous show. “She hasn’t let the delay affect her keep-fit workout routines, and she’s been dancing with possible choreographers,” said a member of her production.

Final paperwork on all of the necessary insurance, legal and accounting matters should be wrapped up within two weeks, allowing for the big media splash to commence.

Team Britney’s met with several big-time Hollywood directors regarding the show’s concept. The main contender points to Jamie King, who directed Britney’s “Circus” and “Femme Fatale” tours, as well as shows for Celine Dion, Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin Avril Lavigne and the new Michael Jackson Cirque show.

“None of the delays had anything to do with Britney,” continued an exec. “It was all the accounting requirements on our end. We’re confident now that’s been put to bed, and we’re looking forward to starting the creative process with her shortly. She’s going to be a big hit and a big win for the Strip.”