Vegas Residency Deal Gets The Finishing Touches

Britney was informed construction at PH Live at Planet Hollywood nears an end, and she’s begun making plans for her residency launch in November of this year, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

“It’s expected that in about 20 days, full details of the production with Caesars Entertainment will be revealed, with the director being named at the same time. The initial concert dates and ticket sales information will be unveiled then, too.”

However, it’s unknown if November is when her rehearsals start, or if the full-blown show kicks off.

Preliminary rehearsals and casting begin late September or early October in L.A., with all technical aspects of the venue, including new lighting and sound will start this summer. Work on the technical aspects, including installing the lights and sound for will start this summer.

“[Britney] is getting more and more excited about her Las Vegas residency and planning her next new recording session.”