Vegas Paper Writes Britney An Open Letter

The city Britney says is now hers is a small one – people talk – so the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote Britney a friendly letter encouraging her to be an active member of the community after noting she stopped by a Chipotle at the Fashion Show Mall on Tuesday (on Las Vegas blvd.) where her bodyguard told fans “No photos please. Ms. Spears is having private time.”

The open letter:

Welcome to Las Vegas. Here’s hoping you knock it out of the park during your two-year “Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood.

I was in Denver last week during your big welcome party. Sorry I missed it, but I checked it out on YouTube.

You got our attention when you told the crowd, “I’m so incredibly excited about being here right now, but this is my city right now and I can’t wait to see you guys on opening night.”

That part about “my city right now” arched some eyebrows.

Maybe you didn’t mean it that way, but to some it came off as an act of bravado. The definition of bravado: “a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.”

Swagger and talent will only take you so far in Las Vegas. Acceptance will come from what you do off the stage.

Fourteen years ago, one of the smartest guys in town gave me a piece of advice days after I arrived: Embrace this community and it will embrace you back.

Support your fellow entertainers. Attend their shows, walk their red carpets. Be accessible. Adopt a favorite charity. Give back. Tip.

Make Celine, Donny and Marie, Shania, Terry Fator, Holly Madison and Frank Marino and many others your role models. Learn from them. They are givers, not takers.

And you can add Miley Cyrus to the list. Six years ago she showed up unannounced – and no alerting the media — at a children’s cancer ward at Sunrise Hospital. A 12-year-old girl, just informed she had a relapse, told her mom, “At least I got to meet Hannah Montana.”

You’re starting with a clean slate. Reach out and this city will love you to pieces.

I do agree Britney should really submerse herself into the Vegas culture, not just winning over tourists, but the locals as well.

How about on her down time? Should Britney be ~Britney~ 24/7 while she’s in Sin City, or does she deserve to take a break from being a celebrity in between shows?