Vanessa Carlton Returns With “Young Heart”

April 20, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Vanessa Carlton says she wants her new music to be more ambient.

Vanessa Carlton Returns With

Vanessa Carlton is back with her dreamy new single titled “Young Heart.”

Following-up 2011’s “Rabbits on the Run,” Carlton debuts her reflective tune about the beauty of loving someone without direction.

“I think I’m feeling a little calmer,” Carlton tells Esquire about her current state in music. “And I want things to be more ambient. I learned so much from working with Steve Osborne. These two records are a collaboration with him and he taught me so much about, like, the space around sound. I want it to go down easy, like honey. It doesn’t have to be loud.”

Carlton moved to Nashville with her husband and is writing and recording her upcoming album, “Liberman,” scheduled to drop this fall. “Young Heart” came from one of these writing sessions. Though it won’t make the album, expect to hear similar songs like this on the new record.

She says of her latest mid-tempo, “Almost everyone I know wishes they had, in some relationship or another in your past, you wish that you had kind of done it differently. Or connected differently or were able to express differently. You have to learn along the way, not everything survives. It’s just not meant to. And then what does unfold and what does come together, it kind of comes together usually at the time that you’ve been able to develop it.”

Listen to “Young Heart” here:

Giving me Beatles’ “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds” vibes.

Replaying this song when I’m making my way downtown.