Turning Taylor into a verb.

Vanessa Carlton singled out Taylor Swift for keeping quiet amidst the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Some of Hollywood’s most powerful women have spoken out against the disgraced Hollywood exec, who is under fire for sexually harassing and abusing women for more than a decade. Weinstein’s wife also announced she is leaving him. Read more about that here. It seems everyone has an opinion on Weinstein. Everyone except Taylor Swift. She hasn’t said anything about the scandal, and for some reason that irked singer Vanessa Carlton. Carlton posted a couple of notes on an Instastory slamming Swift for not using her platform to denounce Weinstein’s despicable actions. Swift has faced similar backlash for not taking a political stance for or against Donald Trump – she may fear she’ll lose fans as a result, which is problematic.

“To Taylor Swift: verb.” Definition: When one doesn’t comment on a situation even though one has a moral and ethical obligation to comment on such situation but because one is very concerned with one’s reputation one remains silent.”

Carlton also gave an example: “Used in a sentence. ‘Gwyneth Paltrow is gonna Taylor Swift the Harvey Weinstein situation.'”

I’m going to have to disagree with Carlton on this one. Swift recently duked it out in court against her alleged sexual abuser and gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kesha to pay for legal bills in her battle against alleged sexual predator Dr. Luke. Taylor doesn’t have to comment on Weinstein’s scandal. Staying mum on President Trump though? That’s something worth blasting her for.

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