Britney fans who attended the “Circus” tour in Vancouver on April 8th are upset and demand a refund.

Britney delayed the show for 30-minutes, claiming there was smoke in the air.

According to, “some concertgoers thought the show was canceled and decided to leave the venue. They’re fighting back and they want a refund!”

Upset fans have created a website,, where Vancouver concert-goers can voice their complaints.

The website will “attempt to compile a list of the concertgoers who are seeking a refund due to the delay.”


“Many people attending her concert have incurred significant costs in relation to attending Britney’s show. Some paid a lot of money for inflated ticket prices through the ticket broker, transportation costs to the show, hotel costs, etc. In exchange for our commitment in supporting Britney’s comeback, supporters did not receive due value for money they spent.”

Below is a video of Britney telling fans to “Drive safe, don’t smoke weed, and rock out with your **** outs, you mother fuckers!”


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