2005 had its shares of its do’s and dont’s, and as we predicted last year, we were right about what we thought was going to be the biggets year of dont’s. Thats why this year were setting up our predictions of whats going to be Hot And Not for the year of 2006.

As Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick were on our Hot list, this year we predict only Nick to be on 2006’s hot list as his ex Jessica is on our not list, Does she even have real talent?.

Last year we predicted Britney Spears to be on the hot list as her romance with hubby K-Fed was on tabloids everywere. That’s why we predict Mrs.Spears to be again on the Hot list as 2006 will be her year of the “Comeback” with a rumoured album to be hitting store in early march, and a sequel to her entertaining reality show “Chaotic: Britney and Kevin”.

On our Not List we predict that the year of 2006 will not be a hot year for Justin Timberlake who’s Movie is going to be a box office flop, Did you see the preview?

As he’s sitting on the Not list his chart rival Usher raymond will be again be top of the charts in 2006, with his returning album for 2006 rumoured to be called “After Hours”.

Two new comers arrive for the year 2006 to be on the Hot list. Jojo and Khaled Rahime are both to set of their acting debuts in the movies “Aquamarine” and “Dark Tears”. Also the two have been working on new albums for the new year, which are rumoured to set off some media attention, did you know Usher is producing Khaled’s work?

On our Not list for the second year in a row comes from the newlywed star Chrisitna Aguilera who really hasnt been showing up much in the media eye for quite some time now. Even though shes getting ready to set off another studio album, theres no attention being drawn to it, which will mosty likley make it a flop.

source: tellusmagazine.com

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