In a recent interview, the staff of US Weekly discussed what they thought of the birth of Britney’s baby and their friends reactions to the news that Britney had given birth. When asked what they thought of the future of Britney’s child the magazines editor states, “Spears’ baby is destined to be a ‘hyperactive drunk.'”

Afterwards, when the staff was asked if their friends cared about Britney giving birth an uncomfortable silence fell over the room only to be followed by a chorus of editors and reporters gleefully sharing stories about their social circles trash-talking in reaction to the birth of baby Spears. “Most seem to love to hate her,” says one of the few editors while fans and supporters of Spears’ strongly disagree claiming,”Britney is going to be one of the best mother’s going. If the baby only knew how good he had it.” Thanks britneyunleashed

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