US Weekly: Why won’t Britney say she’s pregnant?

April 8, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Why won’t she say she’s pregnant?

As Spears’ belly continues to grow, she maintains a bizarre public silence.
While Spears’ rep says the singer “is not pregnant”, one source close to the star tells “US”: “She doesn’t want to announce anything yet.” One reason: Sources say Spears and Federline –surprise!– want to sell photos of the mom-to-be showing off her bump (a la Demi Moore’s famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover) and are still shopping for the right deal. And a Federline pal adds, “Britney is dying to tell, but Kevin wants to wait. He wants to be the one who controls how it gets out. Kevin is waiting for the right deal $.”

Credit: US Weekly

maybe because shes NOT PREGNANT