So Britney and the Federjerk are having trouble in their marriage. That’s not exactly shocking. What is surprising, though, is that Us Weekly had the balls and was somehow able to get it past their legal department to mention in their cover story that Kevin loves to **** on big, fat, juicy, illegal joints!

The new parents were experiencing some strain in their relationship and Britney decided to flee Los Angeles with the baby (and without her husband) and go visit her hick family in Kentwood.

Kevin, meanwhile, decided to carpe diem fo shizzle and hit all of the clubs, as we were the first to tell you.

On October 20th, the Federjerk and his crew hit the ultra exclusive Cabana Club.

Us Weekly reports:

“He and pals were hunkered down in Cabana Club’s VIP section, pouring drinks from bottles of Grey Goose vodka and Jack Daniels, downing lemon drop shots and smoking marijuana. That night, he told a fellow clubgoer (probably an Us Weekly reporter undercover) that he “hadn’t been partying with the boys in forever!” And he was going to make up for lost time!

Kevin and crew had planned a boys trip to Vegas, but Britney decided that she actually gave a **** about her marriage and flew back to L.A. early to “surprise” Kevin. And, yup, that totally forced the party-hungry pimp to cancel his Vegas plans with his pals.

Source: US Weekly

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