Now, we don’t believe Britney Spears was telling the truth when on Friday night she told a video-razzi guy, “I really am pregnant.” But judging by her entirely bizarre on-camera rant, we honestly aren’t sure what to think about our poor Brit anymore.

Demanding that the X17online videographer not ask her a single question (“It’s my time,” she said), Brit launched into an apparently sarcastic impersonation of a Valley Girl that was oh-so-thinly disguised with beat-you-with-an-umbrella rage.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, she then did a re-take.

“And, like, I saw these magazines, and they said I was pregnant, and like it’s so true. Like, America, believe everything you read because like you’re smart and I’m stupid. Like for real. C’mon y’all,” she said, a little too convincingly.

For a minute and a half, Spears, 25, goes bratty and batty.

“Like this lady told me, she said, ‘Britney, go to the light. Go to the light and see Jesus, OK?’ And I was like, ‘Ohmigod, I’m going to do it.’ And I did it. And it happened, and it’s just so weird because our world is so nice.”

We don’t know what a light could do for her, but if Brit is going to act out like this we’d prefer she stay in the dark.

Source: Us Weekly

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