Was there any story you thought would be a bigger story that people really weren’t interested in?

Are you asking me to cite our failures?

Well, I guess we are.

   We thought that Britney Spears, and the fact that she wasn’t actually married when they staged that marriage, was a huge story and it wasn’t. They officially got married six weeks or five weeks later, but we thought that we scooped the world when we came out with the fact that it was a faux wedding, they weren’t really married. They had a ceremony and invited friends, but there really was no wedding. 
   We nailed it and people didn’t care.
  It wasn’t a disaster, it just wasn’t as big a deal. What we learned later, after it didn’t do as well as we thought, was that people were not interested in a story about a legal document. People just don’t want to read stories about legal documents.

Credit: BritneyUnleashed.com

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