Ok so heres the deal, as we all know a site published a ticket sale for Britney Spears tour tickets that went on sale today… Well heres some update.

My friend was in Newcastle (England) at the weekend, and on the Metro Arena, there is apparently a giant poster advertising the tour. If anyone from Newcastle (UK) has any more information on this it would be greatly appriciated if the info was left in the comments section.

Also it is rumored that Britney will perform a second time in Holland this year, which was what the tickets where rumored to be for. Also in a previous comments section it was noted that at a bus station in Holland there was a poster advertising the concert….

We also have in Holland massive posters for the tour at train stations, interesting, we would love the pictures you took, please email me them!

If anyone has anymore information it would be much appriciated in the comments section!

If any more rumored information crops up i will inform you immediately!!!

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