Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for that Britney fan? Look no further than eBay.

Honeymoon pictures for sale?

A seller on the online auction site claims they have some “very private photos of Britney and Kevin Federline on their honeymoon in Fiji. A true must have for Britney and Kevin fans. No photo copies, 80 real pics on CD.”

Oh my.

For three grand I’m guessing someone is going to want a Britney Spears ******* photo in there somewhere.

City Rag prints what everyone else is thinking. Do you think Kevin’s looking for some fast cash? The auction site cites that at this writing that there is over 5 days left for you to get at least three grand together and bid on the item. Zero bids have been received so far.

The unanswered questions: Is Britney Spears **** in any of the pictures and will they be worth even more if the newly happy couple splits.

Credit: Cathy Beers, NationalLedger.com

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