Making a list and checking it twice doesn’t mean a thing to celebrities.

After all, what do you get the spoiled millionaire who has it all? It’s actually not a difficult question when you realize that — under all the glamour, cosmetic surgery, magazine cover airbrushing and spray-painted make-up — they’re mostly just like us. They have hopes, desires and, what’s more, vices. Wasn’t it pop princess Britney Spears — who with a net worth of several millions could afford whatever her heart’s desire — said she bonded with her new husband (one of them, anyway) because he likes KFC and cigarettes just like her?

(Proving that you can take the deep-fried Southern belle out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the deep-fried Southern belle.)

With that in mind — that even the richest, most famous person has needs like your average joe — we set about trying to decide not only what they’ll probably be finding in their Christmas stockings come tomorrow, but what they should get. We decided to focus specifically on those famous — and infamous — people who made a particular impression this past year.

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