It’s only appropriate to speak in pig latin when discussing well, a pig. More reports have unfortunately surfaced claiming Adnan Ghalib is back in Britney’s life. Exclusively reported in last week’s issue of People Magazine, Britney and Aiden have been in communication through text messages and phone calls. According to Now Magazine, Jamie “refuses to allow former paparazzi Adnan, 36, in the house. But the pair have been texting each other virtually every day for the past month. In one message Britney declares that she’s still in love with him and “can’t wait to be on her own and have her dad out of her life.”

But Jamie has another man in mind. No not me. I know, I know. Mr. Spears has been “pushing his daughter” towards Brit’s tv agent Jason Trawick. Britney and Jason have been publicly photographed together frolicking the waters of Costa Rica in mid-March, and again on a private yacht in Marina Del Ray on 4th of July. “Jason’s been by Brit’s side for over 2 years,” says a source. “But while Jamie may portray them as boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s just not happening. Adnan’s the one she loves.”

If I ever hear the words “Britney, love, and Adnan” in the same sentence ever again, I’ll vomit. Not the kind of vomit you see when you have the stomach flu. The kind you see when you can’t even open your eyes / make a coherent sentence piss drunk, and you’re vomiting into your girlfriend’s mom’s pantie drawer, and all you’re thinking about is A.) Her mom’s pretty hot B.) This is so embarrassing and C. When did I eat pea soup? drunk. Not that’d I know what that’s like…

TMI? Oh yes I think so. As is knowing that Adnan is in a 100 mile radius of Britney. And sadly, a lot of these crappy sources have been dead on lately. Scary.

Britney & Adnan together forever? Ha… and pigs fly.

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