Um Britney Spears' "Alien" Vocals Leak

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding “Britney Jean” and the proposed William Orbit-produced third single, “Alien,” and this leaked audio of Britney singing it sans any auto-tune or vocal editing is no help.

An alleged insider told fans this week Britney recorded several dozen songs for her ~most personal album ever,~ but when producers were told she had no plans to promote it, they snatched their tracks back. In other words, “Britney Jean” was meant to be something completely different.

He said:

“I filmed’s scrapped MTV special. He’s credited as executive producer because he organised the writing and recording of half the final tracklist, and about 30 other songs that didn’t make it because they were too personal and involving. It was decided Britney wasn’t going to promote the album, so a lot of tracks reverted back to their producers/other artists, e.g. Leah McFall’s new song, Cheryl Cole’s next single.”

Check out the shocking rendition of “Alien:”