Uk Teletexters Defend “Healthy” Britney

April 2, 2005 By Jordan Miller

All the “either fat or pregnant” stories in the tabloids throughout the last week have provoked a reaction from writers to UK Teletext’s “Your Call” letters pages.

Peter Braith from Nottingham writes: “Why can’t the papers leave Britney, and any other female stars who look like the enjoy their food, alone? I’m a lad and I think that healthy-looking girls are far more attractive than stick-thin waifs.”

Hasina Ghani supports Britney’s attack on the press: “Instead of mocking her healthy look, the tabloids should praise Britney. I think now she’s put on a wee bit of weight she should sue the tabloids. This would shut them up and perhaps result in a few sackings here and there. I mean, they mock her when she’s skinny and they mock her when she’s healthy – make up your minds!”

And Jade Webster from Ripley adds: “I see the tabloids’ attack on Britney’s figure as bullying. The media glamourises diets – it’s hard for girls because the pressure is in our faces. Britney looks healthy, taking care of herself matters more than nasty comments.

Credit — BritneyGlamour.Com