BBC: Britney’s follow-up to November’s cover of Bobby Brown’s 80s classic “My Prerogative” heads in a completely new musical direction for Britney. “Do Somethin'” breaks new ground in Britney’s career, with a new “electric pop” style, similar to that of Gwen Stefani and Girls Aloud. Taken from her multi-platinum “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” collection and with a funky, colourful video, Britney may have her 6th UK number 1 in sight.

Opening with a high-pitched, electric rift and Britney cutting in with her usual prelude vocals, you may be fooled into thinking that this is just going to be another mediocre track. However, you’d be mistaken. With it’s addictive chorus, hot baselines and catchy instrumental, this is definately one of Britney’s finest moments. Forget Britney’s attempts at covering past hits, this is Britney as we want her, producing catchy, fun pop records.

Even if this track isn’t your style prepare to hear it everywhere you go, because just like her #1 hit “Toxic” did this time last year, “Do Somethin'” is going to be on every radio station when you tune in, guaranteed. Just to add to the hype, Britney is coming to the UK later this month to promote “Do Somethin'” along with her new perfume, “Curious”. Let the media frenzy begin.

“Do Somethin'” is released in the UK on 28th February. thanks

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Just a note, the BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corperation, and it is the leading television company, it also is the leading radio stations and is the first to report the new singles chart every week…..

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