A fan who attended the screening earlier this afternoon sent in an email, and let’s just say he’s none-too-pleased:


Hey Jordan

Let me tell you what happened today:

1iota.com, the organizers affiliated with The Britney Spears Screening that was scheduled to take place TODAY at an “undisclosed location”, totally screwed over OVER 150 FANS that had confirmed tickets for the event. There were only 200 tickets supposedly passed out for the event, but hundreds of people were lined up with these confirmed tickets. Some even got e-mails this morning saying to bring friends that there is extra room now. The tickets stated that it was first come first serve, but 1iota.com decided to take dozens and dozens of girls from the very back of the line and push them to the front, in front of people who had been waiting since early this morning. That’s not all. We all were cut off from the screening, taken on a bus , which circled around the block, dropped us off , said another bus would be coming in 5 mins, then drove by laughing. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C . The organizers of 1iota.com were extremely rude, got in the faces of fans and told us to stop “whining” that its just too bad to get out of the way and let the bus drive off. People drove hours, even out of state because they were told they had “confirmed tickets” and were slapped in their face when girls from the back got pushed all the way to the front… We still love Britney but the organizers 1iota and MTV made hundreds of fans go out of their way for nothing!

It was horrible.

Thanks Jordan,


This isn’t the first I’ve heard about this. A fan emailed in details last week about the screening confirming the same thing: “There are only 200 seats available, and 300 confirmed tickets for the event!”

UPDATE: BritneySpears.com confirms the sad news that the event organizers were **** ups!

And here’s a screencap of the company telling fans to invite their friends to the screening:

UPDATE 2: Another fan review submission.


Hey Jordan,
I got confirmed tickets for the Britney Spears Screening today, I lined up early since I live 4 hours from Los Angeles, security patted us down as we waited in line. Kevin and Darrel, who work for 1iota.com, went through the line and handpicked blonde girls, who were wearing high heels and short skirts to go to the front of the line and get on the bus. Some of the other girls who wore pants and leggings were upset and brought it up to their attention, and they told them that they should wait for another bus.

Another bus came and picked up half of the remaining people, took them around the block and promised that they would be picked up again in 5 minutes after being dropped off again. They promised them wristbands to the event. Also, 1iota sent us and email stating that we could each bring up to 3 friends since try cleared enough space with the Fire Marshall. Why would they want us to bring more people if they didn’t have enough space for the confirmed ticket holders in the first place? Kevin and Darrel told us that it was “First Come First Serve.” but why’d they let all the “Hot” girls go in front of evryone who had come from different states, and towns?

Also, on our ticket it days that our parking would be paid for. However, that was not the case, only the people who got wristbands received paid parking… Also, TMZ was called and a camerman came and interviewed us… People were angry, not at Britney but at 1iota and MTV for promising us the tickets and leaving us there. It is discrimination for them to handpick people based in their gender, weight, and ethnicity.

We are all furious that 1iota got away with discriminating people.
Hopefully these people will be reprimanded and that we can be accommodated.

They need to make this right!

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