Her music of choice for evening outings? — Timbaland’s “Shock Value,” of course!

So, here’s what Brit talked about while our photog was driving her home:

“Can you take me to the Summit house, please?”

Then she hopped in and rode shotgun …

She broke out her cell phone and was sending text messages the entire time. She paused for a few words to Karla:

“Can you get someone to pick up the car?”

She put in Timbaland’s “Shock Value” and got her groove on.

When asked about her weekend with Adnan, she got quiet and said solemnly:

“Uh, it was fine.”

That question brought her mood down a bit and she started to text again. She was preoccupied with whomever she was communicating with.

Our photog then snapped his fingers and said, “Hey, girl; are you alright?” He told her not to worry; he’d help her. She laughed.

He pulled up to her neighborhood gate and went past the guard. She said:

“Let’s go inside. But leave the damn camera in the car.”

They walked into her kitchen — large, with a huge center island with marble countertop. Our photog said the place was beautiful and spotless. There was a portrait of Brit with Jayden and Sean Preston on the wall between the kitchen and living room. London, her dog, was there, with her other small dog. Our photog played with them for a minute. No one else was in the house.

Brit said:

“Can you take care of my car?”

All the lights were on in the house; Brit asked our guy to close her front door.

Mr. X17 asked Brit if he could take a picture and she said:

“Don’t be lame.” 🙂

She gave our guy the keys to her car and he left.

A moment in the life of Britney

Source: x17online.com

Sounds like a freakin story-line. THE END.

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