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Tyler, The Creator Drops Summery Remix Of Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk”

Tyler is sharing the remix for free because, according to him, Malik flaked out on two studio sessions.

Wreck-eh-less behavior.

Tyler, The Creator claims Zayn Malik flaked on studio sessions twice, so he’s getting back at the anxious singer by unapologetically releasing their unmixed “Pillowtalk” remix.

Tyler posted a video of him goofing off in his room with a guitar while Malik’s lead Mind Of Mine single blares. Why? Because “I HAD NO ART TO GO ALONG WITH IT SO I RECORDED MYSELF DANCING TO IT. MADE THIS BACK IN MARCH.”

Zayn Malik Teaming Up With ‘Mind Of Mine’ Producer Malay For Followup Album

The all-caps is making me anxious.

And if you’re having trouble playing it… we got you.

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