Check out these brand spankin’ new VMA promos with Britney and Russell Brand!


Good news! Britney’s sanity wasn’t an act for the cameras. She genuinely seemed happy, even if she’s back to travelling with an entourage of massive proportions, each with something to say about her hair, her makeup, her outfit, her facial expressions… you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I feel kinda sorry for the catering lady hunted down by Brit’s bodyguards for snapping a candid shot of the star from her mobile phone. Note to catering lady: always ask first.

The day wasn’t all about fending off Russell’s plans for heavy petting behind the elephant. In fact, when the cameras weren’t rolling, the two had some pleasant interactions, even if Britney appeared very perplexed by his hairdo. Picture this: Brit’s being primped by three people at once while she ***** her beverage of choice (Coke!) through a straw. Russell, like most of America, is fascinated by even the most mundane things Britney does, and says in his most thoughtful yet still comical tone, “I like that straw idea. It’s interesting now that I’ve seen it in action. It’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t I have a straw?'” And all of this happened whilst an elephant in the room danced on its heels.

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