The return of Xtina is nigh.christina-aguilera-shotgun-the-real-thing-nashville-breatheheavy

Like a lotus, she will rise up: part-time popstar and full-time Micky Mouse hater Christina Aguilera is readying two new tracks for your listening pleasure.

We all knew it would happen eventually, the return of Aguilera is upon us; Xtina will be blessing us with two cuts from her forthcoming featured role in country music extravaganza, ‘Nashville’.

The tracks are called “The Real Thing” which will debut on April 14 and “Shotgun” which is set to land the week after on April 21. Whether these are the only tracks featuring Christina that ‘Nashville’ will produce is unclear, as everyone seems a little confused on exactly how many episodes Aguilera is starring in.

Country music isn’t something that Christina has particularly turned her hand to before, so it’ll be interesting to see how well she’ll pull it off, but there’s no doubt she has the pipes for it. My personal preference would be for less early Taylor Swift and more late Dolly Parton, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Christina is also readying the release of her 6th studio album, which is as-of-yet untitled and without a release date although we should expect the follow up to 2012’s underwhelming ‘Lotus’ by the end of the year.

Are you excited to see country Queen Aguilera or would you rather that Xtina stuck to the red chair?