Listen to “One More Yesterday” featuring Daughtry, “Break The Silence” and a demo for Selena Gomez.


Rejoice! Listen to two never-before-heard tunes from one of Kelly Clarkson’s best albums ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for Kelly Clarkson singing about getting hitched and having babies and all that, but nothing beats angry Kelly songs. Her 2011 LP Stronger was littered with feisty tunes about heartbreak, vengeance and female empowerment. She explored her dark side (everybody has one), and two new cuts from the era found their way onto the Internet.

“One More Yesterday”

Clarkson teamed up with Daughtry for “One More Yesterday.” The pair sing about looking back in time at a fading relationship while an electric guitar blazes over Clarkson’s signature falsetto. “There are actually two duets on the new record,” Clarkson admitted before releasing the album way back when, “and I have at some point sang with both of these artists before, but not on record.” Jason Aldean’s contribution ended up making the final cut, leaving Daughtry’s collaboration on the cutting room floor because Kelly felt it didn’t suit the direction of the album. Check it out:

“Break The Silence”

It wouldn’t be a Kelly Clarkson album without a gut-wrenching tune about breaking up and finding yourself afterward. “What I am chasing, what I have faith in is that chance to test my wings,” Clarkson sings. “What you don’t know is what you lost focus is I’m not going away.” Another gem for the library! Listen here:

“We Own The Night”

If this one sounds familiar, it’s because Selena Gomez snatched it up and using it for her 2011 record When the Sun Goes Down.

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