Stop what you’re doing because two new songs from Carly Rae Jepsen have arrived.


It’s Jepsenmas!

Two songs thought to be recorded during Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION sessions suddenly surfaced online Thursday morning. The first is “Sweet Impossible Love,” Jepsen’s most serious attempt to interject the nightlife scene. The other, “Wildflowers,” is far more inline with Jepsen’s 2015 pop opus. Jepsen said several years ago upon recording the album she’d like to incorporate a “a folky side,” saying “it’ll be fun to incorporate that more in the verses of the pop songs, a little something deeper to the verses.” Somewhere along the way, the folk turned into ’80s dream pop, and we’re left with E•MO•TION. Her third studio LP was critically acclaimed and landed on nearly every year-end list last year because how effortless it is, so please do enjoy.

Sweet Impossible Love:
If “Call Me Maybe” was recorded a few years later for E•MO•TION, we imagine it’d sound a little like “Sweet Impossible Love.” Jepsen’s vocals soar over a thumping beat as she sings about an unimaginable love. It’s the clubbiest song from the era, which is one reason perhaps why Jepsen left it on the cutting room floor. “There’s a storm cloud baby.”

The next offering is a lighter sample than its sister leak. The tempo in the synth-pop bop “Wildflowers” bounces up and down, climbing high with glitchy computer beeps before transforming into the carefree chorus. She sings, “I don’t think I can stay this time / but you know that you’re the love of my life / hold your hand up like you know you’re mine / but I don’t think I can stay this time.”

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