After spreading rumors (which everyone seems to believe…) about Feeling Free, Wikipedia now reports not one but two Britney albums will be released in 2006, the second one being the new The Original Doll. Read on… “Feeling Free” is to be released on March 8, 2006 and is a new 10 track album, composed of old, unreleased songs that Britney has recorded at different times in her career. One of the unreleased tracks on the album features Kayne West. For promotion Jive is releasing two singles, the first being “Feeling Free” and the 2nd “Take Off”. Music videos are to follow shortly after the songs are released to radio.

Released along side the album is a DVD to be released April 2nd titled, “Feeling Free with Britney: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. It will include music videos, new pictures, footage of promotional appearances and performances for “Feeling Free”, footage of Britney at home in her Malibu mansion and much more! A bonus disc included with the DVD is to include a Britney song feat. Kevin Federline, and remixes of tracks from “Feeling Free” and a bonus unreleased track. The first single is due out in February. More information will be available soon.

01. Feeling Free (2003)
02. Take Off (2005)
03. Sacred (2002)
04. Forever (2001)
05. Crazy, ****, Beautiful (2003)
06. I Said (2003)
07. Tonight (2004)
08. Toy (2003)
09. Closer To Believing (2001)
10. Outta Here (feat. Kayne West) (2005)

There’s also a second album release set for 2006. What was once called “The Original Doll” is now called “Open Your Eyes”.

Jive changed the name of Britney’s studio album, which is due to be released November 14, 2006. The new name is “Open Your Eyes”. This information is from BMG. They say this album will be the best Britney album ever. It’s very personal. They will start recording it with Britney in spring. There’s no recorded or confirmed tracks yet. Jive and Britney will work on this album after the “Feeling Free” release.

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