Because This Matters: Here Are The Most Influential Musicians On Twitter

December 18, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Wondering who ruled Twitter in 2018? Look no further.

You gotta love end-of-year lists. It’s an important time to reflect on meaningless accolades and roundups of what you probably wanted to forget, or are still enjoying and are very aware of its impact. Look, it’s a great way for blogs to get clicks. You’re HERE, aren’t you?! released their Top 10 most influential men and women on Twitter lists. Accounts were ranked according to a selection of criteria that added together to create their influence score. It’s a measure of how influential an account is over time, based on the level of genuine engagement they are creating. Alright, sure, let’s roll with that.

Who are our reigning King and Queen of Twitter? Curiously… Liam Payne is the leading male. Elsewhere on the list is Justin Bieber at No. 3, Niall Horan at No. 6 and Bruno Mars at at No. 7.

Even Liam Payne is confused.

Our Queen of Twitter is Taylor Swift. That’s much easier to digest, although it’s worth mentioning her Reputation campaign kept her from engaging with fans. 

Katy Perry comes in at No. 2, Demi Lovato at No. 4, Selena Gomez at No. 6, Shakira at No. 7, JLo at No. 8, Rihanna at No. 9 and Lady Gaga at No. 10. In other words… women dominated social media.

You can check out the full lists here.

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