Looks like the Britney contest was either rigged, a setup or Britney has some racist ***-clowns.

Ashley Breathe, an African-American transsexual, has footage of her winning the contest first before the two cookie-cutter white girls won (I can say that, right?).

The objective of the contest: “The first person who gets to the hiding spot and tells Britney’s clown ‘I Seek Britney’ wins 2 ringside seats….”

In the video, viewers can CLEARLY see Ashley won by saying “I Seek Britney” to the clowns (who are riding in a carriage that’s stuck in traffic), but the clowns simply ignored the two women.

Was the contest rigged? Or is Britney’s team simply shallow?

I think Britney’s team needs to make this right!!! Give her 2 VIP tickets!

Click below to view:

A Circus run by clowns, indeed.

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