CHRISTMAS has come early for talented teenagers whose design of a Britney Spears’ album cover has landed them on television. Emma Williams, 15, James Fairhurst, and Jenny Weeks, both 14, from Priory Technology College, Crow Hills Road, Penwortham, won parts in a two-week national Christmas advertising campaign for the Music Zone chain of music stores, starting on Monday. The trio, who heard about the competition from their art teacher, took time out from their lunch hours to complete the collage of the American pop icon (below). They traveled to Durham a fortnight ago to film the commercial at a primary school with another winner. James, of Marsh Lane, Longton, who loves art and music, said: “I got home one day from school and my parents told me. I just couldn’t believe it. It was absolutely brilliant. “The girls had to jump off a box and dive about and I had to pretend I was playing an electric guitar. “Everything about it has been fun and it was an amazing experience. “And his parents, Robert and Cathy, plan to hold a party for their son’s screen debut on Monday. Friend Emma, of Dove Avenue, Penwortham, said: “Everyone at school says they’re going to make fun of us when they see it. “I am looking forward to it, but I’m quite nervous about it and just hope they don’t show it at school! “As part of the prize the school was awarded £500 worth of CDs and DVDs and two DVD players.Headteacher Peter Young said: “I’m really pleased with the success of our students. “It’s well deserved, all three are talented young people who are a real credit to the college. We’re all looking forward to seeing them on TV”

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