Jay-Z’s new Tidal streaming service is already making waves.

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Jay-Z’s new Tidal streaming service is already making waves.

See what I did there?

If you’re wondering why your favs social media profiles are a solid square of teal, it’s because they’re promoting Jay-Z’s latest music venture: his expensive streaming platform Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Coldplay now call home.

At 5 pm EST today, the streaming giant will be available for all. That’s right! You can listen to lossless hi-fidelity streaming quality on Tidal for free for seven days before shelling out $19.99 a month to subscribe (or $9.99 if you want regular audio quality).

The fact there’s an option to listen to hi-def music over standard sounds is quite the marketing tactic. What’s another $10 a month to listen to your favs in the best audio capacity available? ****, you spend $14 on a single vodka soda on a Friday night, and don’t pretend you have just one. I firmly believe Tidal should only offer HQ music for one set price versus pressuring the consumer to question whether they are a basic ***** or not, but golf claps for an aggressive competitor readying a rival against Spotify.

Are YOU going to try Tidal?