Surprise! Troye Sivan announced he would release his music video for Blue Neighbourhood cut “Heaven” featuring Betty Who on inauguration day, but it made its way online a day ahead of schedule.

In the brooding new visual, Troye shows how loving through the eyes of equality is black and white. It features old-school clips of same-*** couples sharing a smooch and partaking in equal rights protests with signs that read “gay and proud,” along with scenes of Troye gazing into the camera under a downpour of rain and being intimate with his boyfriend.

On Friday (Jan. 20), Donald Trump will partake in a dismal ceremony where he will be sworn in as our 45th President. So far, he’s encouraged disharmony and inequality, so videos like “Heaven” are not only much-needed, they’re imperative.



Troye Sivan is doing it for the LGBTQ+ community.

Australian singer Troye Sivan is one of the few prominent singers in pop music today that openly identify as LGBTQ+ and he has expressed the need for greater visibility since the beginning of his music career.

From the heartbreaking love story told in his incredible “Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy” (a long-form music video for 3 tracks taken from his debut LP of the same name) to having a male love interest in the “YOUTH” music video, Troye’s visuals represent his personal life just as much as the music.

Now he’s choosing to release the music video for his LP’s fourth single “HEAVEN” on Friday, president-elect Trump’s Inauguration Day, January 20.

“HEAVEN” – a collaboration with fellow Aussie singer Betty Who – is an emotionally-charged song that Sivan wrote about coming to terms with his sexuality as a gay teenager.

Speaking about the song to Gay Times last year, Sivan said: “When I first started to realise that I might be gay I had to ask myself all of these questions, these really terrifying questions. Am I ever gonna find someone? Am I ever gonna be able to have a family? If there is a god, does that god hate me?”

“I started to build this self-confidence and this self-worth, and I realised, yeah, I am gay,” he continues. Eventually I got to the point where I thought if there is a heaven, but I can’t be myself up there, then maybe I don’t want heaven.”

Listen to the emotional song below.

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