Troye Sivan Tweets a harsh truth.


Troye Sivan Tweets a harsh truth.

President Barack Obama met Donald Trump for the first time ever Thursday morning to begin the peaceful transfer of power. It was an “excellent conversation,” Obama said of the encounter. Trump called Obama a “very good man.” Meanwhile, thousands of people banded together in seven major cities Wednesday night at anti-Trump protests to express their outrage over the President-elect.

Most of the music world is up in arms about America’s volatile political environment, including artists from other countries, like Rihanna, Zara Larsson and Troye Sivan, who Tweeted then deleted:

“The most uncomfortable thought of all is that America, this is what you asked for. This is what you voted for. This what you deserve.”


The Tweet no longer exists, but his sentiment remains.

“We must all live in a bubble online/in our liberalism to have thought this wasn’t possible, but it was. This is America. So weird,” he said. “The world has its work cut out for it, clearly. We must be vigilant and can’t stop for a second. Things have to change from the ground up.”

“Democracy is so revealing :/”

Read the Tweets below:

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