It appears Troye Sivan is not a fan of flowers.

It appears Troye Sivan is not a fan of flowers.

The pop star has faced a couple of scandals in the last several weeks. The Internet roasted him for performing on Saturday Night Live. He didn’t deserve that, but this? If the report is true, that Troye received a couple of bouquets of flowers from his fans waiting outside of his hotel and threw them in a trash can moments later, than this fury is what he deserves.

It’s worth mentioning we don’t know for sure if that’s what’s going on here, but it does look a little sus. Just Jared has more photos from the outing. They report: “That same day, Troye was seen holding a couple bouquets of flowers before throwing them in the trash.” A mess.

Love me some Blue Neighbourhood, and “The Good Side” is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far, but this is not the tea. At least wait until you’re in your hotel room for God’s sake.

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