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”WILD” becomes a celebration of love and freedom.

Troye Sivan’s original video for his single was part of a trilogy that dealt with first loves, coming out as LGBT+, and homophobia. The narrative was beautiful, refreshing and necessary, although dark at times.

Almost one year on, Sivan has enlisted Alessia Cara for a duet re-release and their collaborative video is a less serious, more fun-filled affair that shows a more innocent side of young love.

The “chosen family” theme touches on the circles that LGBT+ people create for themselves within society to feel comfortable to explore life freely, a narrative that will surely reassure many of the singer’s young fans.

With nods to his YouTube vlogging, VHS edits and an overall aesthetic made for Tumblr accounts dedicated to springtime GIFs, the new visual shows closer correlation between Troye Sivan The Artist and the personality that won over millions of fans online.

“WILD” was an incredibly strong lead single that didn’t reach its potential success so hopefully this re-release brings it more attention.

Watch the new video below.

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