Britney Spears’s husband Kevin Federline today when asked about his apparent seperation from wife Britney half heartedly denied it stating whilst badly mumbling and sheepishly grinning ” that rumours are rumours “. Kevin who has not been spotted by his wife’s side for almost two weeks now is pictured filling up a hire car he used to drive to Las Vegas over the weekend in at a Malibu petrol station and then with his friends at a upscale Los Angeles Mexican restaurant. One of his friends said when asked the same question that ” the thing about rumours is that sometimes they are true and sometimes they are not “. Kevin has been with his childhood friends on and off for the last two weeks in which time they have been to Las Vegas twice whislt his better half Britney has been no where to be seen although there have been sketchy reports that she was spotted patying it up with friends at the New Orleans mardi gras. thanks

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