Yesterday, TRL confirmed the concept of Monalisa’s video. It seems to be a video that happens after Everytime, like a continuation. Did you guys remember that Britney almost die drowned on Everytime video? So… in Monalisa, Britney wakes up in a dark room, open the door of this room and start looking for her boyfriend’s body in hospital rooms. Suddenly lights up and Britney seems to be afraid and nervous, still looking for her boyfriend’s body, she find it. Then, she take his body to a church, where is was happen a burial. Britney starts to make a marriage with her boyfriend. Suddenly a dead Britney wakes up, a dark smoke comes to the church and the dead Britney takes the other Britney place and marries her boyfriend. Then a church choir starts singing and the smoke ends up completely. The sun shines on this scene and upon the coffin a picture of Britney and her fiancĂ© appears.

Some rumors are saying that Britney will wear a black dress, leading a bunch of nuns who all had black veils, some were carrying candles. Britney would be also carrying a rosary.

All I can say is that it looks so different. Controversal as Everytime, but deep as nothing that Britney has done before… So guys, tell me what you though about it!

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