Tremble’s sound is like quickly taking a shot of neon blue hypnotic hard liquor. In slow motion.

Music’s newest downtempo electro superstar trio is composed of producer/songwriters Haywire & Ajax and singer Kelly Sweet. Previously, Haywire and Ajax lent their talents to Miley Cyrus and Elton John, but now they, along with Sweet, focus on their latest project: TREMBLE.

Their name, “Tremble,” seemingly sprouted from thin air, citing it as “poetry.”

“For me, Tremble makes me think of that vulnerable moment when you’re being completely honest with the listener or with a person, and it’s like your whole body shakes a little bit because it’s so incredibly vulnerable,” Sweet says of the name. “We tried to achieve that lyrically in our music – that we’re being very vulnerable with our lives and music. Tremble kind of puts that on paper.”

Tremble granted exclusive listening access to the band’s upcoming EP, “In The Chaos.” Their original moody tone will transcend your mindset from bored daydream monotony to colorful insanity – it’s unlike anything on the market today.

“Downtempo, electronic music meets alternative pop,” Haywire said of the group’s sound. “It’s a fusion of the two. We were very influenced by electronic music from all different eras – particularly the 90’s.”

“In today’s EDM, a lot of [it] is uptempo, and no one’s really doing that ****, dark, vibey, trip-hop stuff…”


They mention fusing their sound with a theme similar to Lana Del Rey or Lorde, and Kelly Sweet is talented enough to handle those large shoes. Boots, rather.

“This is my life. I’m excited to be in Tremble – it’s an evolvement of me as an artist,” she says – noting she’s accustomed to singing solo since 15-years-old. “I’m really excited for people to hear what we’ve made because it’s very special to us, and I hope it becomes special to others.”

Sweet won’t have to wait too much longer – their upcoming EP is slated for a release early next year. Tremble’s lead single is a track titled “Blur” – it’s currently streaming for free on their SoundCloud and will be available for digital download soon.

“I am an echo of my past / time flew too fast / in the chaos this is where I stand”

Another song off their EP called “Like Heroin,” the first track the group ever wrote together, caught my attention. It’s Tremble’s “blue-print” to their essence. The song’s meaning stems from one of Haywire’s past relationships with a girl who fell victim to drugs.

Haywire said, “a relationship is like a drug. The more toxic the drug, the more toxic the relationship can be if you’re not careful.”

“Love is the most addicting drug in the world,” Sweet added.

Check out the WORLD PREMIERE of “Like Heroin:”

“We try to make music for the morning after you went out to the club,” Sweet said. “When you’re listening to Tremble – try and put yourself in that headspace – reminiscing about the night before, thinking about your friends, that crazy awesome person that you met – you never know who they could be. That’s where we live.”

Haywire adds, “We’re really trying to do something where the tempo’s much slower, much sexier.”

“It’s a different trip.”