Listen to the stunning re-working of the summer classic.

Tremble Dreamy Cover Of Jason Derulo's "Want To Want Me"

Tremble cools down Jason Derulo’s summery song.

Music’s latest downtempo electro alternative pop superstar trio is composed of producer/songwriters Haywire & Ajax and singer Kelly Sweet. Previously, Haywire and Ajax lent their talents to Miley Cyrus and Elton John, but now they, along with Sweet, focus on their collaboration together: Tremble. The group is finishing up their “In The Chaos” EP, but in the mean time crafted a stunning rendition of Derulo’s famous chart topper, “Want To Want Me,” stripping away the hyper production for chilling undertones and breathy vocals.

“It’s just a really strong, well-written, pop song,” Sweet tells as to why the band chose this song in particular. “Catchy as hell,” she added. “We wanted to honor the original – but also take it to this whole other place. And we knew that flipping the gender, having those lyrics sung by a female could be really ****.”

Haywire says Ajax came up with this really cool, downtempo electro, trip-hop beat “that just set the whole thing in motion.”

Ajax added, “the concept was to do something completely different from the original production. Experiment. Make it fresh. Make it us.”

Listen here:

Tremble has plans to release a visual for the cover along with several other songs they wrote and recorded this summer.

“We can’t wait to get all of our music out there,” Sweet said.