Mondaze with Tremble.


Mondaze with Tremble.

Downtempo electro superstar trio Tremble is composed of producer/songwriters Haywire & Ajax and singer Kelly Sweet. Previously, Haywire and Ajax lent their talents to Miley Cyrus and Elton John, but now they, along with Sweet, shift focus on their latest project: a music video for “Blur” off their debut EP In The Chaos. The visual depicts feeling out of control when life is passing you by.

“Every day feels like a movie in fast forward, and you can’t seem to find the meaning anymore,” Sweet tells BreatheHeavy of the concept. “The video was inspired by the song, and this sort of art deco theme we love to use in Tremble.”

The dreary clip shows Sweet utterly alone, despite a crowd of people surrounding her – creative commentary on the party scene. The video is about “how every new stranger feels like they’re your best friend, but at the end of the night, who will be left? Sometimes, as artists we just point out hypocrisies that we witness, and leave the interpretation to everyone else.”

The clip, co-directed by John Weselcouch and Ari Costa (Walk The Moon’s “Tightrope”), was shot at a suite at a vintage hotel in downtown LA. “Ari and his partner John Weselcouch are amazing up-and-coming filmmakers,” Haywire said. “They worked together on bringing ‘Blur’ to life.”

Ajax agreed, describing the song as “a dark, dreamy, smoky feeling.”

“We wanted the video to have that same vibe,” he said, “and I think we succeeded.”


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