Neither here nor there, really.


Rihanna’s ANTi saw several delays, but not because of rumored beau Travis Scott.

Producer Glass John, who claims to be a contributing collaborator on Riri’s forthcoming project (specifically, a song titled “Kiss It Better”), said part of the reason why ANTi hasn’t dropped is due to Travis Scott. John said Scott cast doubt in Rihanna’s mind about the quality of work, and it veered her off course.

John went on a serious Twitter rant, posting hundreds of messages in a few days time, some of which he says are from Rihanna herself, and alleges Scott’s opinion forced the “***** Better Have My Money” singer to push the album drop from November, to Christmas, to… 2016.

“He’s wasting valuable studio time trying to come up with a song that can top ‘Kiss It Better’ and he cannot because it’s the beat(sic) damn song,” Scott says in one of his Tweets.

“The album would’ve been out on Chrismas(sic). If Travis hadn’t convinced Rihanna that wasn’t good enough. What has he produced to say this!!?!!!”

If you were to believe John, your assessment of Rihanna’s current rollout could be misguided, according to Scott. He took a screen shot of an article discussing John’s fallout and captioned it, “Don’t believe this ****.”


We’re taking Scott’s side on this one. John’s meltdown over ANTi came off desperate and quite frankly, we can’t imagine Rihanna letting anyone sway her one way or another.

At this point, the story of ANTi not coming out is becoming a bigger deal than the album itself.

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