“Nu High” is a colorful fusion of electro and pop beats and melodic hooks.


Toya Delazy can do it all.

Pianist, producer, rapper and singer-songwriter Latoya Buthelezi, known as the dynamic jazz-electro-hip-pop phenomenon Toya Delazy, is blowing up in South Africa and spilling her talents into the states. She’s premiering her new song titled “Nu High” on BreatheHeavy before it’s officially available on iTunes on Friday (June 10). The new single is the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Luv My City’ and sees Toya team up with an A-list crowd, including Troydon Murison, who has previously made smash hits for Santigold, MIA, and Major Lazer.

‘Nu High’ serves fans with Toya’s colorful fusion of electro and pop beats and melodic hooks. The single will appear on her forthcoming album later this year.

“I was inspired by my youth and how carefree we are as children and how we eventually get rigid and forget about that euphoric and ecstatic space, that place where you belong,” Delazy tells us of the song, adding it took over a year to make the track.

“I started working on the song after I received a demo from my co producer Wes My Meds in Durban in April last year. The song was very acoustic, and had that cool 90ies feel about it. I recorded a demo version, in my house studio in Cape Town before deciding to pack everything and move to London for a bit, to escape the draining s*** that was going on with the label I was with at the time. London has been very refreshing for me creatively, I got my freedom back, I was in such a good space, and wrote a new chorus. I then called Troydon [Murisson], based in LA, who I had worked with on a few tracks off my previous album, to join us on the project. We worked on the beat and turned it into an upbeat song, then went to Metropolis studios and recorded the vocals. We basically created, mixed and mastered the song over the internet working from 3 different continents, mixing the verses from Cape Town, when I was in a ‘not so good’ space, with the almost overboard positive chorus written in London. Epic experience, the song is full of flavors and travels.”

What does Delazy want people to take away from the song?

“Good vibrations! I want it to make you feel carefree, be in that space where you can dance like nobody’s watching and let out your bubbly side.”

Listen here:

Toya has also announced dates for a UK tour this summer with more information available on her official website.

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