Britney grabbed the top spot in the Official Year-end countdown in the Philippines… Here’s the Official top 5:

1. Toxic – Britney Spears
2. Gravity – Jerry Yan
3. How Could you say you love me – Sarah Geronimo
4. Come in out of the rain – Sheryn Regis
5. Hands to heaven – Christian Bautista

Her 4 week reign at the top spot and 14 week stay at the top 20 blasted her at no. 1. Last year Linking Park was no.1 with Somewhere I belong while Me Against the music was at no. 6. In 2002 Mandy Moore was no. 1 with Cry, Cry made history in the charts for having been no.1 for an amazing 8 weeks in the weekly countdown, Britney on the other hand was no. 4 for being no.1 in 5 weeks with Boys…..It’s a big deal in the Phil. that she’s no.1 knowing that local music is big this year, she’s the only foreign artist at the top 5.

My Prerogative is her least popular song, it only peaked at no.4 and was out of the top 20 very quickly! thanks britneysmind

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