What. A. SONG!

As usual, thank you Sweden.

Tove Styrke just dropped the best song of the week with the incredibly joyful bop “Say My Name”; a guitar-led pop ditty that’s a little barn dance-y, and a whole lotta fun.

If you’re not familiar with Tove Styrke then I recommend you listen to her 2015 LP “Kiddo” – one of the best pop releases that year, undoubtedly – after you get your life to the new single, which is the first from her upcoming third album.

To be totally honest, I’m struggling to write this up because I can’t quite articulate the feeling this song is giving me, or pin-point what about it is the best. The whole 3 minutes and 23 seconds is just bloody amazing!

The production is insanely good, it’s jam-packed with melodies (“up up up up up”), her voice is so breezy and sinks into the music so lovely – rather than you being able to see Selena Gomez doing one take at the mic over already finished production.

The “Say my name!” chant is absolutely delicious, and one of my favourite pop moments of the year so far.

This is what Katy Perry should be releasing.

Listen to your new fav song below.

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