The bop of the summer!

When she demands you say her name, you say it.

Tove Styrke’s delicious new single “Say My Name” has been on repeat since it premiered two weeks ago so I am glad to report its video is equally repeat-worthy.

Aesthetic is a word thrown around daily on Twitter, with ‘90s music video stills commonly posted as inspo for the dope fashion and concepts that made videos so exciting back then, and I think Twitter will find Tove’s ultra-cool vid rather pleasing.

Like the song, the video isn’t flashy. Rather, it’s an effortlessly fun clip that lets ultra-cool Tove bring the song to life with her star power.

Sweden just gets it, don’t they? This is 100% a song of the summer contender for me, even more so now.

Now, Tove, I need to know: Where is the lilac suit from? And can I have it?

Watch “Say My Name” below.

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