The official music video drops on Monday.

Tove Lo Readies "Timebomb" Release With Lyric Video

Days ahead of its official music video release, Tove Lo’s shares her “Timebomb” lyric video.

Fans won’t have to wait long for the “Timebomb” music video (it drops Monday, June 22), but until then get your Tove Lo fix with a lyric video for her third “Queen of Clouds” single. In the dreamy visual, a projection displays the words of the song over a naked couples’ (talking?) bodies, a theme Lo will run with when the video drops next week. Literally. She’s reportedly running on the beach ******* in it.

As BreatheHeavy’s Aaron Butterfield previously described, “the track begins with a racing, frantic sprint towards one of the catchiest hooks on Tove’s LP, featuring a vocal style similar to fellow-Swede Robyn, circa 2007. With a stunning percussive beat, bright acoustic riffs and strings galore, ‘Timebomb’ offers a rich and uplifting sound. Lyrically, the song details a doomed romance, a fatal relationship bound to end in mutually assured carnage. Self-destructive love affairs are hardly a new theme in pop music, but the way Tove deals with it is pretty unique. With her sharp and confronting lyricism (‘I couldn’t decide if you were the most annoying human being I’d ever met / Or just the best thing that ever happened’) and superb knowledge of how to write a hook, ‘Timebomb’ is an eccentric and remarkable take on a classic idea.”

“Talking Body” is one of summer 2015’s anthems, but it’s reaching the point of over saturation. We’re looking forward to her next release! Watch the lyric video below:

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