Tove Lo Premieres “Cool Girl” Music Video

August 19, 2016 By Jessica

See Tove get down and dirty in the desert.


Tove Lo deserts her inhibitions in brazen new video.

Tove Lo’s Cool Girl is the latest tantalizing offering from the Swedish pop star.

The song is based on a chilling monologue from the 2015 film “Gone Girl”, about the expectations placed on women in relationships:

Tove’s song and video continue this idea, with Lo shaving her head, then sitting atop her seemingly dead old self in a coffin.

She also grinds on top of a car and sets her hotel room on fire. Check it out:

The “to be continued” ending refers to the video as “Fairy Dust”, the “Phase 1” of her “Lady Wood” album – meaning there’s much more to come from this particular visual story.

Tove elaborated on her Instagram: