Tove Lo Journeys To Party Narnia In The Video For Major Lazer Collab, “Blow That Smoke”

October 24, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Major Lazer and Tove Lo exhaled a new video for “Blow That Smoke.”

One of Sweden’s greatest pop phenomenons teamed up with the Diplo-fronted Major Lazer to release a Carribean-tinged new tune that’ll inspire you to Netflix and vedge.

It’s called “Blow That Smoke,” a track that has the potential of treading into club banger territory, but instead teeters towards something less predictable. It sounds like it’s cut from the same cloth as “Know No Better” with Travis Scott, Camilla Cabello, and Quavo.

“This song has been long in the making and I’m so happy about this collab,” Tove Lo said of the track.

“It started with me and Diplo just sending ideas back and forth until I sent this vocal I was unsure what to do with, and they made magic with it! To me the song is about the sweet escape from your troubles or just mundane life by being a bit reckless and romantic.”

There’s a wild video for the song as well. In it, Tove Lo escapes the mundane to Party Narnia. I’ll let Tove explain.

“When we had finished the song [Diplo] asked me if I had any fun ideas for a video and I came up with Party Narnia that night,” Tove said. “I was very happy Major Lazer were all down and into it. The director duo DAD took it on and all of us had some great inspo talks before the shoot. They really nailed it with the narrative, cast and all the different worlds and dimensions. I think the video really captures the message of the song — the sweet escape from mundane life that can feel so good.”

Tove Lo can do no wrong in my book, so give the “Blow That Smoke” video a spin below (and bonus points if you light up a J first).

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